Relifia® Cooling Pillow & Bed

The original Relifia is back! Available exclusively from our official store,

this cooling sleep Pillow and Bed is the ultimate solution to hot, restless nights.

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3-Year Warranty

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Suffering from very hot flashes

You got Menopause hot flashes ?


The Ultimate Calming Comfort Experience


Offers relief from night sweats, migraines, aching muscles, fevers and more.

Soothsoft technology helps you get to sleep faster and wake up more refreshed.

Simply add water. No freezing required!

How can Relifia affect my sleep?

Helps to sleep Faster.

Wake up more refreshed.

have a quality night sleep.

Innovative Design

The Relifia’s unique water-based system works by absorbing heat from the body so that you can feel cool and relaxed, rather than providing a cold surface that can be uncomfortable. It also works as an effective compress that can be used anytime, for treating aching muscles or relieving hot flashes whenever they appear. Why not use it to soothe your feet after a long day? Or pop it behind you when settling on the sofa? The Relifia can improve comfort in everyday life, as well as every night.

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And Helps to:

Calm Muscle Aches – Loosen Stiff Joints – Relieve Hand Pain – Soothe Menstrual Cramps

Enjoy extra comfort while relaxing 

Very useful for people with special needs

Great for post surgery recovery and sports injuries.

How to use Relifia®?

Use your Relifia® directly against the skin for maximum cooling or with a breathable pillow case for ideal hygiene.


1. Add water

• Unroll your Relifia® valve side up on a clean, waterproof surface

• Use a measuring jug to fill 2 litres / 8 cups of warm tap water. A funnel is useful here

• Replace cap, snap it back on valve tightly

2. Let rest for 4 hrs, roll air bubble

 • Make sure cap is securely fastened on valve

• Let capped Relifia®

lay flat for 4 hours to activate

• Slowly roll the Relifia® towards the capped valve end. This will force air inside to a bubble at this end

3. Release air bubble

 • Hold your roll and air bubble in place and lift the corner with the valve

• Uncap the valve and sweep your arm across the deflating air pocket to force out all air

• Recap the valve to create a vacuum seal

4. Let cool – do not freeze

 • Lay capped Relifia® flat to fully cool down. Avoid direct sunlight

• It should have no air bubbles, but may have a few wrinkles

• If air bubbles are present, repeat steps 2 & 3

Why choose Relifia Pillow?

Featuring a gel-free and latex-free design, the Relifia creates a cooling and soothing comfort that means you will no longer struggle to get to sleep nor wake up in sweats. Make sleeping stress-free – so you can start sleeping soundly again.

An original Relifia sleep study* found that participants got to sleep 68% faster and spent 21% more time in the REM stage of sleep – which is the deepest and most restorative stage of the cycle.

*study of 20 participants

 Suitable for


Eliminates Cervical Pain (back of neck)

Relieve Persistent Health Problems

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Hear From Our REAL Relifia® Pillow Users

Since receiving my pillow, I had the best night sleep I’ve had in a very long time. Not only does it keep me cool, I can finally relax my neck and shoulders as it fits perfectly. I highly recommend this pillow, expecially to you ladies that have hot flashes. Its the best! Great for hot flashes,this is the second one I bought from this company.I have two more coming for my mom and sister 

Mark Jance / Facebook

I purchased this pillow for the cooling effects because I have a tempurpedic mattress and it generates lots of heat love the comfort of the mattress but it’s HOT!!!! The pillow really helps to keep my body cool. I place the pillow in fridge over night then place pillow next to my body at night. Keeps me cool!!!!


As a woman of a certain age, I need something extra to keep my temperature regulated at night. I found this pillow and decided to give it a whirl. I love it! In fact, I’ve ordered several and have given them to my Mom and sisters – who also love them. It’s a little heavy when filled, but it’s worth it. I put it in the fridge for about 4 hours before bedtime and then rest it under my neck. Stays cool for hours. Highly recommend if you’re looking for something to help control flashes while you sleep.

Mark Jance / Facebook


Relifia® Cooling Pillow

I’ve been testing out the Relifia myself during the hot summer we’ve been having and found it a great way to regulate temperature at night. I was waking up less during the night and felt like I’d had a better nights sleep in the morning!



Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, you’ll find the answers below

Frequently Asked Questions If you have any questions, you’ll find the answers below

Whats are Relifia measurements ?
Relifia Dimension sare
Width : 53cm /   21Inch 
Height: 1.5cm /   0.6Inch
Length: 29.5cm /   11.61Inch
How to store it?

To store: Do not empty the water, this will drain out the antimicrobial treatment. Store flat at room temperature on top of a towel.

Leave uncovered to breathe.

Over time water may evaporate naturally from your Relifia®.

You can add water to keep at its proper cooling capacity and weight of 2kg / 4.5lbs.

If Relifia® becomes bunched?

If the core material becomes bunched or twisted inside, simply:

• Open the cap

• Blow 2 or 3 breaths into it and recap

• Shake the material into place starting from a corner

• Repeat steps 2 and 3 from over the setup steps.

Is there any Warnings I need to take into considerations ?

Warnings: May cause an allergic skin reaction, if reaction occurs stop using immediately

• This is not a toy, keep away from children and babies

• Do not machine wash

• Do not share for hygiene reasons

• Keep away from fire • Keep away from sharp objects

• Do not use if punctured or leaking

• Do not freeze

• If you are diabetic or suer from poor circulation, consult a doctor before using Relifia® • No pillow fighting!

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