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Grt your Toenail Fungus Eliminated!

Money Back

Guarantee the device has been shown to weaken the symptoms of nail fungus within 180 days or your money back guaranteed.


International We offer International shipping allowing you to order from anywhere in the world.

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Safe & Fast We accept debit cards and credit cards, including American Express. we also offer Paypal.


Our main aim is to help to treat fungus in an effective, drug-free way, with low treatment costs.



How does the therapy work?

By uniting two technologies, Relifia’s Laser device treats the heaviest fungus without feeling any pain or side-effects.

Say goodbye to nail fungus with 3+1 easy steps:

  1. Clip it on your toe or finger
  2. Turn on the device
  3. Leave it on for 7 minutes

+1. Keep your day going

Start the therapy right now!

Fungal infection in the toenails, also called Onychomycosis, is a very common nail condition, affecting 20% of the general population and 75% of the elderly population. Treatment and cure has proven to be a challenge. Oral prescription drugs are somewhat promising, however, they are invasive and have harmful side effects. Recently, Laser Treatment has been introduced as an FDA cleared treatment for onychomycosis avoiding the disadvantages of systemic and topical drug therapies and offering a rapid treatment for an often persistent fungal toenail condition.


Relifia’s Laser device has been shown to weaken the symptoms of nail fungus within 180 days or your money back guaranteed.



How does laser therapy work with antibacterial blue light?

Under the 7-minutes-long session with Relifia, many thousands of laser pulses enter to the nail to destroy the fungus. The laser beam destroys the structure of the fungus and kills it permanently. The 905 nm focal wavelength of Relifia only tracks the fungus, so that it does not cause any harmful side-effect neither on the skin, nor the internal body.

Parallel to the pulsating soft laser, a continuous antibacterial blue-light therapy with 465 nm inhibits fungal growth, making sure that onychomycosis won’t spread.


Nail fungus is a common condition under the tip of the nails



of people above 60 are affected with nail fungus.


of nail conditions diagnosed as nail fungus



of the generic population experience nail fungus in their lifetime.