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this cooling sleep Pillow and Mattress is the ultimate solution to hot, restless nights.

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Who we are

Here at Relifia™, we believe that a good night’s sleep is a source for a better tomorrow. We want to give the world the rest it deserves to build a better world. That is why we strive towards providing first-class quality cooling pillows, carefully modified, and engineered to meet the requirements for the utmost optimized sleep.

Suffering from very hot flashes

You got Menopause hot flashes ?


How can Relifia affect my sleep?

Helps to sleep Faster.

Wake up more refreshed.

have a quality night sleep.

Innovative Design

The Relifia’s unique Gel system works by absorbing heat from the body so that you can feel cool and relaxed, rather than providing a cold surface that can be uncomfortable. It also works as an effective compress that can be used anytime, for treating aching muscles or relieving hot flashes whenever they appear. Why not use it to soothe your feet after a long day? Or pop it behind you when settling on the sofa? The Relifia can improve comfort in everyday life, as well as every night.

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The Ultimate Solution for Summer Hot flashes

Cooling effect of Relifia Gel

means that it can be used for all kinds of applications where things get overheated. 

Wrap it!

Wrap Relifia Pillow around sore or aching joints like ankles and wrists after strenuous exercise.

Pets will appreciate it!

Summer experience more cooling by using our easy clean cooling gel pad mats!

You never Need to worry!

The Cooling Gel Pillows Pad helps to ease numerous symptoms such as muscle aches, headaches sunburn and high temperatures.

Suitable for travels

 take it away with you in your luggage when travelling to warm places.Carry it with you on a plane or in a hot car for cooling you down on the journey.

Use it for Yoga!

 Boasting inner gel that absorbs excess heat by reacting to the temperature of your body, it draws heat away from your. 

Relifia’s Mattress Gel 

Like the smaller mats for your pillows, these pads will help you get a better night’s sleep by cooling your body as you lie on your mattress.

With no pre-freezing or refrigeration required, the pads react to your bodies’ own heat to bring you down a few degrees and produce a natural cooling effect.

This is one of the cheapest versions we found, fitting both a double and single bed, and delivery is free.

Extras comfiness with the Mattress gel pad

luxurious cotton

The mattress topper is seam free and finished in luxurious cotton ready to pop under your sheet. 


For your Upper body!

Cooling pillow or cushion for the whole of your upper body, so head, shoulders and back can all be cooled and relaxed at the same time

Get one for your passengers? 

Use it as a seat cover for hot nights on the sofa, or in the car to give your summer road trips a cool, comfortable feel while you drive. 

They require no water

and no filling so there’s no chance of leaks or condensation ruining your furniture or clothes. 

Thermo cool technology

The secret is in the sealed gel packs and the Thermocool technology that react to your body heat to create a ‘dry’ cooling sensation.

Upgrade your sleep comfort!

You can also On the hottest nights place it in the fridge for a few hours before going to bed for the ultimate cooling surface.

Eliminates Cervical Pain (back of neck)

Relieve Persistent Health Problems

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Hear From Our REAL Relifia® Pillow Users

Since receiving my pillow, I had the best night sleep I’ve had in a very long time. Not only does it keep me cool, I can finally relax my neck and shoulders as it fits perfectly. I highly recommend this pillow, expecially to you ladies that have hot flashes. Its the best! Great for hot flashes,this is the second one I bought from this company.I have two more coming for my mom and sister 

Mark Jance / Facebook

I purchased this pillow for the cooling effects because I have a tempurpedic mattress and it generates lots of heat love the comfort of the mattress but it’s HOT!!!! The pillow really helps to keep my body cool. I place the pillow in fridge over night then place pillow next to my body at night. Keeps me cool!!!!


As a woman of a certain age, I need something extra to keep my temperature regulated at night. I found this pillow and decided to give it a whirl. I love it! In fact, I’ve ordered several and have given them to my Mom and sisters – who also love them. It’s a little heavy when filled, but it’s worth it. I put it in the fridge for about 4 hours before bedtime and then rest it under my neck. Stays cool for hours. Highly recommend if you’re looking for something to help control flashes while you sleep.

Mark Jance / Facebook


Relifia® Cooling Pillow

I’ve been testing out the Relifia myself during the hot summer we’ve been having and found it a great way to regulate temperature at night. I was waking up less during the night and felt like I’d had a better nights sleep in the morning!



Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, you’ll find the answers below

Frequently Asked Questions If you have any questions, you’ll find the answers below

Whats are Relifia® Pillow measurements ?
Relifia Pillow Dimension sare
Width : 53cm /   21Inch 
Height: 1.5cm /   0.6Inch
Length: 29.5cm /   11.61Inch
What Is Thermo Cool Technology?

ThermoCool is a smart technology which offers superior comfort with dual thermo-regulation whatever the season. It is an ideal technology which prevents the sensation of cold by blocking sudden temperature changes when it is cold and keeping the heat and moisture away when it is hot.

In what other situations Relifia® can be perfect solution ?

Besides cooling you down, the pads are fantastic for headaches, sunburn, hot feet, hot flushes and to combat high temperatures caused by ailments or medication.

Is there any Warnings I need to take into considerations ?


• May cause an allergic skin reaction, if reaction occurs stop using immediately

• If the gel leaks, avoid breathing mist or spray

• If on skin, wash with plenty of water

• If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical attention

• This is not a toy

• Keep away from children and babies

• Do not machine wash

• Do not share (hygiene reasons)

• Keep away from fire

• Keep away from sharp objects

• Do not use If punctured or leaking

• Do not ingest

• Do not expose to direct sunlight

• Before using Chillmax Pillow, consult a doctor if you are a diabetic or suffer from poor circulation

• No pillow fighting!

• If you are diabetic or suer from poor circulation, consult a doctor before using Relifia®

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